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Furry Slides

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Do you still love slides? I do, but not the general slides you are thinking about. My favorite one is more specific. That’s furry slides. I don’t know what you think about this kind of slides. For me, they look pretty and luxe. I confess that I can’t resist on furry items like bag, purse, coat, etc.
So today the brand I want to talk about is Ducie. They have a collection of furry slides with different colors. But my favorite colors are pink and burgundy. If you have the same interest like me, you can look through this collection, and tell me which is your fave color?
And now let’s see which one are on this list!


Ducie Dark Green Fox Fur Slides (£85), Own The Look English Factory Scalloped-Hem Denim Jumpsuit ($102.43), Envii Enally Ls T-Neck Stripe Tee ($39.49)



Ducie Arctic Fox Fur Slides (£85), Weekday Alan Pride T-shirt (£12), Weat Black Fringes Toast Bag ($220)


Ducie Rust Fox Fur Slides (£85), Black Label Amsterdam Customized Vintage Harley Davidson Tee (€69.95)


Ducie Black Fox Fur Slides (£85), Na-kd Jeans (similar $59.40), Zara Colored Denim Jacket ($69.90)


Ducie Raccoon Fur Slides (£95), Munthe Lenard Top (€201.75), Munthe Laos Pants  (€188.29), Lack of Color Hat ($70.40), Chanel Black Quilted Lambskin Bag ($2,280)

Featured Image: @carodaur

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