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Change the Way you Wear Clothes (part 2)

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In the previous section, I listed 3 ways to refresh yourself. And in this article, I will give some more suggestions. If the last part does not help you, I hope this one will help you somewhat.
All are simple tips. And do not worry that these styles are only suitable for fashion icons because you just remember that fashion does not deny anyone.
Are you ready to find out? Let’s get started.



People will look at you with a weird look until it becomes a trend. And not all of us are brave enough to wear a dress outside our pants. But this is 2017; nothing is impossible. Except you are the one who does not like this trend, try it. Wearing your favorite evening dress outside your pants and confidently walk away with the pride that you dare to do something that not everyone will dare.


Prada Sunglasses, H&M Sweater (similar $34.99), Zara Frilled Midi cocktail Dress ($69.90), Zara Jeans ($39.90), Gucci Bag ($2,290), Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic (£45)


Asos Dress (similar $285), Zalando Jacket (£41.99), NA-KD u part wigs ($71.30), Miu Miu Slides ($559), Yves Saint Lauren Bag ($2,450)


Another Dress Dentelle (€30), Yves Saint Laurent Bag (similar $2,290)


SPANX Ready to Wow Faux Leather Leggings ($98) ($78.40), Balenciaga Ceinture Ankle Boots ($1,275), River Island Pleat Hem Smock Dress in Mesh ($37), Donatella Short Winter Coat ($138), Chanel Bag


This is the easiest way to be stylish. You look not only sexy but also dynamic. Think about when you step out with a shrugged shoulder jacket; you seem so cool. This affirms you are a busy, power woman, how you wear and walk like this world is your own stage.



Rayban Sunglasses (similar $150), Zara Hooded Raincoat ($119), Basics by Luamarta Love C Medal Gold Necklace (€30), Asos Earrings ($24)


Miu Miu Bag, Chloe Coat, Gucci Shoes


H&M Jacket (similar $59.99), Gucci Leather Slipper ($650)


Sunday Somewhere Sunglasses ($290), Brunette The Label Tee ($66), Brunette The Label Jacket ($210), Chloe Mini Drew Shoulder Bag ($1,650)


I remember that this was a trend and now it’s back. This declares no limit to fashion at all. We do not necessarily have to wear socks with sneakers anymore. No one set a ban on this trend. It’s just that people tend to prefer safer things and set themselves a boundary so that anyone who passes is considered snobbish. Do not believe it. Do not let yourself take pity on your favorite pair of sandals just because it was cold today. Wear it with a pair of socks.


Kings of Indigo Blouse (similar $129.95), Renard Watch (€169), Louis Vuition Pochette Metis ($1,780), Levi’s Jeans ($98)


Urban Outfitters Sunglasses ($20), H&M Short Ruffled Top ($59.99)



Gucci T-shirt, Cluse Watch ($99), Levi ‘s Wedgie Fit Straight Jeans ($98), MOTHER Baby Steps Socks ($24)

Featured Image: @theruecollective

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