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How to get your life organized

This will be a long post. So if you follow my post till the end, bring your coffee and find a comfortable place. I list 7 things below that I think they can help you have a better day. These ideas are from my own experiences. So I hope you enjoy! @thepinkdiary 1. Set alarm Why do you have to set the alarm? Because you don’t want to be late and forget to do something. So what is actually important to set the alarm? I suggest 2 things. @taramilktea The first thing is the time to get up to make sure you’re not late for school or work. It will be a good habit if you try to get up early because it helps you reduce your anxiety up to 60%. Every morning, I set 6.30 a.m to get up. After two, or three months, I get up around that time without my alarm. Getting up early that also means you have time for breakfast and have time to prepare for your whole day. Besides, imagine that you had a perfect plan for tomorrow with exactly time. Then you get up late in the morning and feel like everything out…

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The Easiest Way to always be Stylish

Every morning likes a battle when you have to struggle which clothes to wear today, and then choose the right shoes to match your outfit, feel comfortable, and look trendy. A lot of things to think about make you confused and sometimes ruin your day. So how to be stylish but not waste too much time to confuse? My secret is to wear casual clothes. They’re not out of fashion and “easy-to-wear.” But most people mistake that to be stylish is to spend a lot of money on buying clothes and seasoning items. It isn’t right. You can still stand out with basic items if you actually want to. There are so many fashionistas who are famous for their casual style. How creative they are! I’m really impressed. I found that there are several ways to wear a basic tee or an oversized sweater. I used to think the casual style is not sexy. I know that I was wrong, you can be sexy as the way you style these basic things. @rubilove The Hob Nob Shop glasses, Forever21 denim jacket, Public Desire sock boots Zoo Shoo knee-high boots Labeled Basic blouse, Tiger Mist jeans, Converse sneaker The Hob Nob…


From Normal to Formal by ONE item

The first time I saw this backpack, I fell in love with it. I love backpack because of its convenience. I just put all my stuff in it, wear it behind, and don’t mind anything about my bag blocks my legs, or distract me in my everyday activities. I know that when we hear about the backpack, we think about casual style. But this Louis Vuitton mini backpack is beyond that; it goes with normal and formal looks. This bag is super perfect for its size, pattern, and color. I love everything about it. It’s a new step in high fashion, I guess, especially with its mini size. I love this tiny size so bad. You can choose the color as well. The most interesting thing here is you have a lot of ways to wear it, or you can create a new one for yourself. But what can of clothes can we wear with? Of course, I give you some examples. Let’s find out. @carlycristman @happilygrey @michelletakeaim @xeniaoverdose @luanna90 @vivaluxuryblog First Image: @luanna90 Featured Image: @tiphainemarie_ Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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3 more Colors for your 2017 wardrobe palettes

I give you 3 more colors to add to your list in case that you have no idea to do with the colors I’ve listed before (Top 3 Colors will Kill your Street Style 2017) . They’re also popular this year. And I hope you can find some good ways to style with these colors. Camel @tlnique – Revolve teddybear coat @lageorgienne – & Other Stories trenchcoat @dressedfordreams @notjessfashion @sincerelyjules @misstarabelle @melikecim¬†– Jollychic trech coat @dani_nanaa – trench coat @shhtephs @marvaldel Green @ebbazingmark – hoodie @nilameu @aylin_koenig – Zara pyjamas @hoardoftrends @hoardoftrends – Desigual coat @oliviafaeh – H&M jacket @jaglever – Forever21 skirt @artifishel @melikecim – Zaful trench coat @maffashion_official – LaWool sweater, Zara dress Blue @chermycloset – sandro paris trench coat @aylin_koenig – knitwear @aylin-koenig – sweater @imjennim – hoodie @byhilaryrose @ebbazingmark – Lacoste jumpsuits @fakeleather – Strathberry backpack @dressedfordreams @thelimitdoesnotexistt – Pinko hoodie @xeniaoverdose Featured Image: @fakeleather Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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It’s so complicated

The first time I heard about “mom jeans”, I thought: “What about boyfriend jeans?” It’s basically not the same. But if you’ve just started searching for fashion, it’ll have some difficulties. All above, mom jeans are still very hot. So, I think we need to make it clear. I searched on Google. Here are the definitions of those jeans. “Boyfriend jeans are supposed to look and feel like the jeans a woman might borrow (or steal) from her boyfriend. They have a fairly relaxed fit, usually straight legs that may or may not be cuffed at the bottom, and they should look a bit big on the wearer.” “Mom jeans is considered to be unfashionable and unflattering to the wearer’s figure. This style usually consists of a high waist, making the buttocks appear disproportionately longer, larger, and flatter than they otherwise might. It also tends to have excess space in the zipper/crotch and leg areas. The jeans are usually in a solid, light blue color, with no form of stone washing or fading. Other attributes of the style often seen are pleats, tapered legs, and elastic waistbands. The style is often accompanied by a blouse or shirt that is tucked…


Top 3 Colors will Kill your Street Style 2017

1. Red We saw most red in Fashion Show. And we see red covering street style these days. Red is everywhere on Instagram with every piece, from normal to formal. Obviously, this is the top 2017 color. It gives us strong, confident looks, also shows the power women. This season is not only that but another side that is gentle as well. @carlotaweberm @hoaroftrends @aylin_koenig @oliviafaeh @milenalesecret @camilacoelho @tezzamb @pamallier @jaglever @thriftsandthreads 2. Yellow This color brings us the fresh air in fashion. Although it doesn’t have the supreme position as red, it can make your outfits so stunning. When the last season, we saw a lot of neutral colors and monochrome style. It seems that the time to change, that means to add some more colors to wake up your style. @itscamilleco @jessannkirby @designdschungel @stylescrapbook @thefashioncuisine @thestylevisitor @hoardoftrends @yasnayaa @notyourstandard @andreeabirsan_ 3. Pink If pink is your favorite color, congratulations! This season is yours. I confess that I’m so obsessed with pink. I’m so happy to see pink everywhere. Yay!!! This color likes mushrooms, growing fast. Most of the girls own at least a pink item. Or if you want to look trendy but not a fan of this…


They’re coming back

Today I mean these basic sneakers. Although there’re lots of sneakers out there with different styles, fabrics, these shoes seem to have their an important position. Designers update trends and make their shoes more fashionable. Vans with black and white still make us impressed. Now let’s see how the people style with these classic sneakers. @themoptop It’s always a good idea to style casual looks. @rubilove Another casual vibe. @carlotaweberm I think about wearing them every day with every kind of outfit. @soniafrancex The perfect street style with comfy sneakers. @cocos_wonderland They go with neutral colors. @oliviafaeh Mix them with trends: red, stripes. Featured Image: @themoptop Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Beach vibes

Spring has just come. Why do we have to plan for summer? Look through these Instagram accounts, and you’ll have the answer. @cuppajyo I love her beachy boho style and her collection of swimwear. She gives us perfect outfit ideas when going to the beach. Lanai Lookout Cape Point Tintswalo Atlantic Tintswalo Atlantic Simon’s Town @debiflue When I found this Instagram account, I said: “OMG, so amazing!” I love her every single photo. Her trips like adventures to explore the beautiful parts of the world. Condado Vanderbilt Hotel Baraterre, Exuma, Bahamas Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas The Bahamas The Exumas Bahamas @allanabooth I think she loves beach and workout as well. Of course, one of this two things is the most reason why she loves another. Bingin Beach, Bali Bingin Beach, Bali @adrianajuicy The beach is her runway. She brings us to the beautiful places. Ranveli Village (Maldives) Sri Lanka Ranveli Village (Maldives) Ranveli Village (Maldives) Ceilao Villas Kabalana Getaway @shihfengavala Sometimes I think the beach is her life. She enjoys the sand, sunlight, and waves totally. @pilotmadeleine Enjoy this because I’m speechless right now. So stunning! Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand Ko Hong, Krabi, Thailand Twin Lagoon, Coron, Palawan…

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